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Local Leagues in New Mexico


League of Women Voters Positions on New Mexico Legislation 2018 Session

Bills the LWVNM opposes are so noted.
Some listings are not the bill name but a description of what the bill does.
Bills added since the last update are in bold -- those with ? beside the Description need review.
** indicates LWVNM top priorities, based upon significance and viability.

Using the website: To see a complete list of all the bills this session, go to the Legislation List and click Go. For schedules, go to What's Happening where you can click on the HTML versions of Senate, House and committee calendars. You can watch committee hearings while they're taking place via Webcast.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2018.

Bill Legislation Name/Description Sponsor Date* Status
SB2 Medicaid Changes – message from the Governor Papen P veto
SB52 Create Governor’s Contingency Fund Rue LAW
SB54 Capital Outlay Project Publication Rue SFC
SB67 Lobbyist Reporting Requirements – message from the Governor Ivey-Soto Veto 3
SB83 Sunshine Portal Audit & Compliance Rue SFC
SB107 Post Session Lobbying Reports – Message from the Governor Steinborn SRC
SB173 Lobbyist Reporting Requirements – message from the Governor Steinborn SRC
SCR1 Electronic submission of Public Comments (PRIORITY) Candelaria SFC
SR1 Floor Amendments & Subs on Legislative Website Steinborn passed
SR2 Continuous Amendment Engrossing Steinborn SRC
HB98 Local Election Act – expect message from the Governor (PRIORITY) Bandy LAW
HJM10 Pass Fix It America U.S. CA – related to Citizens United L. Trujillo passed
HJM19 Election Reform Task Force Maestas/Ely SCAL
HJR4 Independent Redistricting Commission (CA) (PRIORITY) Ca. Trujillo, Maestas-Barnes + HLELC
SJR5 Register all Qualified Electors to Vote (CA) (PRIORITY) Ivey-Soto SRC
HB216 Working Families Tax Credit & Capital Gains Ely/Rubio HTR
HJM4 Study Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax – same as SJM6 Chr. Trujillo withdrew
SB17 Gross Receipts for Certain Nonprofits Cisneros VETO
SB25 Increase Cigarette & E-cigarette taxes Morales SCOR
SB49 Tax Reform – Oppose in its present form (PRIORITY) Sharer SCOR
SB206 Raise the Minimum Wage – Oppose – too modest Munoz SCAL
SJM6 Study Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax – Same as HJM4 Ortiz y Pino tabled
HB56 Parental Notification of Abortion – Oppose- message from Governor Little/ Da. Gallegos Tabled
HB104 Rural Health Care Tax Credit Changes M. Garcia HTR
HJM2 LFC Create Plan on Inpatient Mental Health Ferrary HCAL
HM9 Explore Medicaid Buy-In – same as SB3 D. Armstrong signed
HM20 Health Insurance Market Stability Task Force – same as SM7 that passed D. Armstrong HCAL
HM29 Study Health Care Cost Commission D. Armstrong HCAL
SB1 Nurse Licensure Compact Kernan/Morales + LAW
SB4 Assisted Outpatient Treatment Act Funding Papen/Wirth SFC
SB10 Health Professional Loan Repayment Kernan/Stefanics SPAC
SB11 Guidelines for Step Therapy – same as HB42 – Governor gave message Kernan/Stefanics LAW
SM3 Study New Mexico Medicaid Buy-in – same as HM9 Ortiz y Pino Signed
SM7 Health Insurance Market Stability Task Force – same as HM20 Tallman Signed
HB30 Soft Skills Education Programs Rehm HAFC
HB210 School Academic & Reading Improvement Act - Oppose Youngblood HEC
HJR1 Land Grant Fund Distributions (CA) for Early Childhood Education J. Martinez + SFC
SB36 Public School Fund Sufficiency Soules SFC
SB119 Increase Teacher Minimum Salaries Stewart LAW
SJR2 Land Grant Funds for Education (CA) Padilla SFC
HB160 Nonviolent Offender Interventions – Governor gave a message Stapleton VETO
SB111 Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Rodriguez SFC
HB53 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Ca. Trujillo HAFC
HB155 Reinstate the death penalty - Oppose Youngblood + tabled
HJM20 Support Dreamers & Immigration Reform J. Martinez + HCAL
HM54 Commitment of NM to Human & Civil Rights – immigrant rights Roybal Caballero + Passed
SM2 Study Gun-Related Injuries & Deaths Soules SCAL
Page Two
HB36 Reinstate Solar Energy Development Credits Ca. Trujillo/Ruiloba, HEENR
HB 65 Wastewater System Financing – same as SB43 Crowder LAW
HB 77 Energy Storage System Tax Credits Sariñana HEENR
HB80 Energy Development Bond Act – Oppose – same as SB47 Gonzales HCPA
HB 87 Solar Market Development Tax Credit – same as SB79 Chr.Trujillo/ Rodella HTR
HB127 NM Unit Fund Water projects – Same as SB72 Ru. Martinez HAWR
HM18 Restoration of NM Water Rights – Oppose Dow/G. Armstrong HEENR
HM51 Natural Gas Venting & Flaring info Rubio/ Garcia/Richard HEENR
HM52 Border Wall Environmental Impact Rubio + HCAL
SB 5 Water Resources Research Institute appropriation Papen SFC
SB43 Wastewater System Financing – same as HB65 – No sense in GOV action R. Martinez P veto
SB47 Energy Development Bonds – Same as HB80 – Oppose Candelaria/Neville SCON
SB 72 SW NM Water Projects – same as HB127 Morales SFC
SB79 Solar Market Development Tax Credit – same as HB87 Stewart P veto
SM23 Study of Carbon Fee & Dividend Legislation Soules Passed
SM43 Chaco Canyon Preservation Munoz SCAL

* Date of Committee meeting or floor vote; CA - Constitutional amendment; (a) amended; CS = committee substitute;

HAFC - House Appropriations & Finance; HAWC - House Agriculture, Water & Wildlife; HAWR - Agriculture, Water Resources; HBEC - House Business & Employment; HBIC - House Business & Industry; HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); HCPA - Consumer & Public Affairs; HEC - House Education Committee; HEENR - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources; HGEI - House Gov't, Elections & Indian Affairs; HHC - House Health; HHHS - House Health and Human Services; HJC - House Judiciary; HLED - House Labor & Economic Development; HLEL - House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs; HLELC - House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs; HR - House Rules; HRC - House Rules & Order of Business Committee; HRPA - House Regulatory & Public Affairs; HSCA - House Safety & Civil Affairs; HSIV - House State Gov't, Indian & Veteran Affairs; HTPC - House Transportation, Public Works & Capital Improvements; HTPW - House Transportation & Public Works; HTR - House Tax & Revenue; HWMC - House Ways & Means; SAIC - Senate Indian and Cultural Affairs; SCAL - Senate Calendar (for vote); SCC - Senate Committee on Committees; SCON - Senate Conservation; SCOR - Senate Corporations & Transportation; SEC - Senate Education Committee; SFC - Senate Finance Committee; SJC - Senate Judiciary Committee; SPAC - Senate Public Affairs; SRC - Senate Rules Committee;
HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); P - House - Passed House; L - House - Lost in House; H - con - , House Concurrence; SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; P - Senate - Passed Senate; L - Senate - Lost in Senate; Gov - On Gov. desk; Law - Signed by the Governor; P-veto - Pocket veto; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature;