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Options for the Operation of the 2021 Legislative Session

The decision has not been made on how the 2021 session of Legislature will operate.The legislators want to assure the safety of the public while at the same time allowing maximum opportunity for public participation.

We suggest you check the League website on a regular basis for updates.

It has been decided that the State Capitol will be closed to the public during the session.

Here are some of the options being considered:

1. All House and Senate Committee and Floor sessions will be virtual for the public. There will be instructions on how to submit public comment electronically.

2. House and Senate Committee meetings will be held at the Santa Fe Convention Center. Some public will be allowed to make in person public comment, probably chosen by lottery. Electronic public comment will also be allowed. House and Senate Floor sessions will be held at the State Capital. Public not allowed.

3. Having systems for legislators to have virtual office hours. The legislators will decide if they want to participate.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages civic engagement and voter participation. The League never supports or opposes candidates or parties. Advocacy in the public interest is based on positions derived after careful study through member consensus.