League of Women Voters Positions on New Mexico Legislation 2021 Session

(MS Word version: LWVtrack21.doc.)

Some listings are not the bill name but a description of what the bill does.
The bills on this sheet are labeled A (top priority) B (secondary priority) There will be a separate C category that will be listed separately, but not tracked.

Using the nmlegis.org website: To see a complete list of all the bills this session, go to the Legislation List and click Go. For schedules, go to What's Happening where you can click on the HTML versions of Senate, House and committee calendars.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2021.

Bill Legislation Name/Description Sponsor Date* Status
Top Priority Legislation – A
HB291 Omnibus Revenue & Tax Relief Bill – Tax Changes J, Martinez STBTC
HB167 Increase Cigarettes & Tobacco Taxes – SB197 Lopez hold Lujan/Chandler HTRC
SB56 New Personal Income Bracket – in HB291 O’Neill STBTC
SB89 Amend Personal Income Brackets – In HB291 Tallman STBTC
SB211 Corporate Income Tax Wirth STBTC
HJR1 Permanent Fund for Early Childhood CA J.Martinez/Maestas 3/5 SRC SFC
SJR1 Permanent Fund Allocation for Education CA Wirth 3/5 SRC
SB4 Redistricting Precinct Changes Ivey-Soto 3/5 HSEI
SB15 Redistricting Committee – merged with SB199 Ivey-Soto/Egolf SJC
SB199 Redistricting Act – Now SB15 Moores/Ortiz y Pino Now SB15
SB389 Redistricting Commission Funding – In SB377 – not needed Moores
HB211 Redistricting Act – will wait for SB15 to come over Dow/Figueroa Hold HJC
SB10 Repeal Abortion Ban Lopez/Wirth LAW
HB4a NM Civil Rights Act Louis SJC
HB29 No School Discrimination for Hair – Also SB80 – Pope 1/29 Stapleton SJC
HB209 State Indian Child Welfare Act – SB278 Shendo Louis HCAL
HB263 Police Use of Force Reporting Roybal Caballero HCPAC
SB227 Inspection of Police Misconduct Investigation Lopez SJC
SB230 Institutional Racism in State Agencies Lopez SJC
SB274 Report of Use of Deadly Force Sedillo Lopez SJC
SB375 Officer Training & Certification Ingle/Munoz SFC
SB376 Prohibit Defense of Qualified Immunity Cervantes SHPAC
Secondary Priority – B – Topic order doesn’t imply priority
HB22 Grow your Own Teachers Act Garrett SHPAC
HB24 School District Full Time Nurses Sarinana HEC
HB52 Bilingual Multicultural Ed Advisory Council Figueroa SCAL
SB210 Ethnic Studies Education Lopez SFC
HB83a Change Graduations Requirements G.A. Romero Table SEC
SB237 Charter School Duties Lopez SJC
HJR7 School Funding for Home or Private Schools – Oppose- CA Strickler HCPAC
Natural Resources
HB 30 Water Leases Chandler HCAL
HB51 Environmental Data Base Chasey SJC
HB95 Water Administration Changes Romero HAWR
HB106 Community Solar Act – See S84 Roybal Caballero HENRC
SB84 Community Solr Acrt Stefanics HENRC
SB32 Wildlife Conservation & Public Safety Act Gonzales SJC
SB58 Electric Vehicle Credit Tallman STBTC
SB86 Use of Water for Oil & Gas Sedillo Lopez SJC
SB113 Wiring for PV and Charging Station in New Homes Soules STBTC
SB132 PV and Charging Station in New Homes Soules STBTC
SB155 Energy Transmission Authority Changes Oppose Stefanics Table SCON
SJR3 Environmental Rights CA Sedillo Lopez/ Ferrary + SJC
Secondary Priority
Voting & Elections
HB74 Felony Voting Rights Restoration Chasey SRC
HB79 Primary Elections Participation Changes M. Garcia/Ely HJC
HB231 Native American Polling Place Protection Louis SRC SIRC
SB14 Election Changes (auto noter registration) Lopez SRC
SB235 Absentee Voter Act Pope 3/5 SRC
SB254 Filling US Representative Vacancies Moores SJC
SB286 Emergency Congress Election Procedure – mail & other Ivey-Soto 3/5 HSEI
SB298 Legislative Election Changes – public financing Wirth SRC
SB304 Centralized GIS data – LWVNM led bill McKenna SCAL
SB311 Lobbying & Ad Campaign Changes Steinborn SRC
SB314` Post Session Lobbying Reports Steinborn SRC
SB387 Segregated Bank Accounts – dark money bill Wirth SRC SJC
SB48 Election Provisions – Qualified Support Woods SJC
Health Care
HB20 Healthy Workplace Act – this is paid leave Chandler SHPAC
HB37 Paid Sick Leave – SB198 – Lopez Rubio HLVMC
HB47 Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act – SB308 D. Armstrong SJC
HB112 Health Benefits for Certain Non Citizens J. Martinez SHPAC
HB154 Prescription Drug Affordability Board Rubio table HSEI
HB272 Health Easy Enrollment Program Thomson HTRC
SB71 Health Care Consumer Protection Duhigg 3/5 SJC
SB323 Health Care Workers Protection Act – Oppose – anti-choice Schmedes SHPAC
Other Topics
HB55 Publication of Capital Outlay Allocations McQueen SRC
HB56 Sex Offender & Human Trafficking Changes Louis/Thomson SJC
HB73 Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation C. Trujillo HCPAC
HB99 Small Loan Max Annual Rate – see SB66 Herrara HJC
HB110 Phased Minimum Wage Increase Roybal Caballero HCEDC
HB153 Campaign Reporting Changes McQueen HCAL
HB158 Leg, Created Task Force Open Meetings Fajardo SRC
HB166 Create New Firearm Crimes Lujan HJC
HB192 Extend Human Rights Act to Public Bodies Barreras HCAL
HB193 Extreme Risk Protection Order – Gun safety Ely HCAL
HB301 Legislative Review Commission Rubio HCAL
HJM4 19th Amendment Plaque for Capitol Stapleton SRC
SB66 Permitted % Rates Small Loan Cap Soules.Duhigg HCEDC
SB82 Radioactive Materials Storage Steinborn SJC
SB224 Crime of Failure to Secure a Firearm Sedillo Lopez SJC
SB260 Legislatively Created Task Forces Open Mtgs – see HB158 Gallegos SRC
SB219 No Citizen Proof for Occupational Licensure Ortiz y Pino SJC
Bills in SFC or HAFC – no longer a bill (note 1)
HB10 Broadband Development Division Figueroa HAFC
HB13 Emergency Services for non-citizens Barreras HAFC
HB38 Paid Family & Medical Leave Chandler HAFC
HB85 Yazzie Lawsuit Response Fund Lente HAFC
HB102 Violence Intervention Program Act – gun safety Chasey HAFC
HB100 College & Career Readiness – also SB107 Gonzales Lara HAFC
HB122 Health Insurance Premium Surtax D. Armstrong HAFC
HB116 Dual_Licensed Providers to 3-tier Licensure Thomson HAFC
HB203 Health Security Planning & Design Act D. Armstrong HAFC
SB66 Permitted % Rate for Loans Soules SFC
SB81 Racial Impact Evaluation in Sentencing O’Neill/Stapleton SFC
SB93 Broadband expansion Padilla SFC
SB148 Diversity Commission Stewart SFC
SB160 Judicial Candidates in Voter Act Fund Duhigg SFC

* Date of Committee meeting or floor vote; CA - Constitutional amendment; (a) amended; CS = committee substitute;

HAFC - House Appropriations & Finance; HAWR - Agriculture, Water Resources; HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); HCEDC - House Commerce & Economic Development; HCPAC - Consumer & Public Affairs; HEC - House Education Committee; HENRC - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources; HJC - House Judiciary; HLVMC - Labor, Veterans & military affairs; HSEI - House State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee; HTRC - House Taxation & Revenue; SCAL - Senate Calendar (for vote); SCON - Senate Conservation; SEC - Senate Education Committee; SFC - Senate Finance Committee; SHPAC - Senate Health & Public Affairs; SJC - Senate Judiciary Committee; SRC - Senate Rules Committee; STBTC - Senate Tax, Business & Transportation;
HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); P - House - Passed House; L - House - Lost in House; H - con - , House Concurrence; SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; P - Senate - Passed Senate; L - Senate - Lost in Senate; Gov - On Gov. desk; Law - Signed by the Governor; P-veto - Pocket veto; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature;