Making Public Comments at Virtual Meetings

Giving Public Comment in House Committees

Go to and click on Committees on the bar at the top.

The list of committees will be under “Standing Committees”.

Click on the Committee to which you want to give public comment. For instance, Judiciary.

It will show the committee, the date and time of their next meeting and a list of the legislation they will be hearing. At the bottom there will be a list of the Committee members.

At the top of the page you will see a link saying something like "Please click this link for public comment". That link might be a Zoom link, or it might lead you on a merry chase through the committee calendars. Sometimes the Zoom information is only on the PDF calendar. Be persistent, you'll find it. In a few instances Zoom may ask for a webinar code; look on the PDF calendar for that.

Committees may change their schedules at any time.
Don't assume that because the bill you're interested in is last on the schedule, you can skip the first few hours. You may find that your bill has already been considered.

When you are let into the meeting, you may have the opportunity to indicate whether you are FOR or AGAINST a bill using Zoom's "Raise Hand" feature or via a Zoom poll. When it's time for public comment, the Chair will ask that people who want to speak use "Raise Hand". The number of comments may be limited due to time concerns.

Senate Committees

To comment in Senate committees, email the committee a day before the hearing. You can usually find the email address on their PDF calendar, but not on the committee page or the HTML calendar; they hide it pretty well, so be persistent and keep clicking. Some committees use a web form instead of email. Provide your name, the bill, and whether you are for or against. They will send you a Zoom link. The Senate is limiting the number of comments due to time concerns.

As with House committees, don't assume that the order of bills on the schedule is fixed.

Viewing Committee Meetings Without Commenting

If you simply want to view the proceedings without commenting, you can view the webcast on

Submitting written testimony

If you wish to submit written testimony, send it to the staff person listed at the bottom of the Committee page (if it's not on the committee's regular page, look for the PDF calendar). Most committees require it 24 hours in advance.

See also Procedure and Guidelines for Public Comment at a Video Conference Standing Committee Meeting, which includes screenshots.

The House and Senate floor processes may differ: we'll upload instructions when they become available.