LWVNM Study: Transfer of Federal Public Lands

The study, run by Barbara Calef and Judy Williams, completed in 2019 and resulted in a state position on Transfer of Federal Public Lands.

Transfer of Federal Public Lands Now a National Position!

The LWVUS Convention was held the weekend of June 26-27 and we scored a major victory! Our Transfer of Federal Public Lands position was adopted by concurrence. As a concurrence, we needed a two-thirds vote, but after debate on Friday we weren’t sure it would pass. Many delegates hadn’t read the position or didn’t understand it and its rationale. But on Saturday a delegate from Florida moved to allow more debate. We had some good speakers in favor. In addition, we sent a new message to the LWVUS leaders list stating the position and why it is important. Finally, Judy Williams pasted the position itself into the Q&A so the delegates could see it.

Now the LWVNM position on the Transfer of Federal Public lands is a national position!  Delegates from the Western states were supportive, particularly those from Utah, Montana and Nevada.

The caucus, held via Zoom, was recorded and you can view the video here: LWV New Mexico Transfer of Federal Public Lands Caucus.
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Slides from the caucus: Public Lands Caucus 2020 Slides (PDF, 37M)

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Documents Used During the Study, 2017-2019

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