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WARNING: This archived page references a 2011 study and is no longer being updated.

Redistricting Resources

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League's Redistricting Flyer

The League has prepared a one-page flyer (double-sided, folded) on why redistricting is important and what you can do to make it more successful. Download here: English - Spanish

State Redistricting Committee Holds Last Public Hearings (updated 8.24)

Videos of Hearings Now Online

The League of Women Voters of New Mexico has been attending each of the public hearings of the state's Redistricting Committee and recording the proceeds, unedited and in their entirety. The LCS has put these videos online for public viewing (assuming you have installed Microsoft; Silverlight© software). To find the videos,

Schedule announced for Aug 30-31 Meetings in Las Vegas and Santa Fe (PDF)
Schedule announced for Aug 15-16 Meetings in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho (PDF)
Schedule announced for Aug 3-5 Meetings in NW NM (PDF)

The Redistricting Committee will be holding the last of its public meetings on August 30 and 31. In each meeting, Research & Polling president Brian Sanderoff discusses the redistricting process, shows sample maps and explains population changes, and some of the options in changing the layout of the districts: Congressional, Legislature, and PRC. The Redistricting Committee members in attendance have listened to public comments at each meeting.

The last meetings will be held in Las Vegas and Santa Fe. Redistricting concepts for the Public Education Commission have been promised for the final Santa Fe meeting.

The schedule is as follows: As we become aware of details of time and venue, they will be posted here.

More Information on State Redistricting

These are documents that have not yet been posted on the Legislature's Redistricting Committee web page.

News Briefs

Albuquerque Redistricting (updated 8.11)

The Albuquerque Redistricting Committee has announced a schedule of public hearings throughout the City. For more information, see Albuquerque Redistricting Committee's page.

The decision of Judge Nash was for both the election and redistricting to proceed. The October municipal election will use the old districts, but following the election, the new districts will be in effect. This is your opportunity to participate. To catch up, check out the City's redistricting page.

The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) has weighed in on the ACLU's case against the City of Albuquerque for failing to redistrict prior to the October 2011 city council elections. SWOP's position is to remind Judge Nan Nash of 'the importance of public input into the redistricting process of the City of Albuquerque. Regardless of which way the court rules, it must ensure that the voting rights of historically disenfranchised communities, particularly Chicano and Native Americans, must be taken into consideration. This requires an open process with extensive public participation', said George Lujan, SWOP's spokesperson. SWOP has created a proposal which it will officially introduce into the city redistricting process.

See the article at Democracy for New Mexico

KNME-TV Redistricting Primer

Albuquerque's PBS station has presented a Redistricting Primer show on its New Mexico in Focus public affairs program. The program features local analysis by reporters, legislators, and academics. Check it out!

Las Cruces Passes Redistricting Plans

See the Las Cruces Sun online, for the articles, below.

ACLU Sues Albuquerque over City Council Redistricting

The Albuquerque City Council voted to postpone redistricting until after the October election, because 2010 Census data was not available until April, and candidate filing deadlines were in March. The ACLU believes this was the wrong decision. Read about it Joe Monahan's blog and the 6/8 Albuquerque Journal. (article may be to subscribers only) See also the ACLU webpage.

More Free Online Redistricting Tools!

Check out Dave's Redistricting tool. For up to date information, see also Dave's Redistricting Blog, dedicated to redistricting and his redistricting software.

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History of the Fair Representation Study Group

At its 2007 state Convention, the League of Women Voters of New Mexico approved a two-year study of Fair Representation to explore not only redistricting but also different systems of representation and voting. The focus was to be on understanding the relationships among these systems as they impact Congress and the New Mexico State Legislature. A more detailed description of the study is on p. 4 of the Spring 2007 issue of La Palabra.

When the Study Group had concluded, a new LWV NM position on redistricting had been approved by the membership. The study group has been disbanded, but Redistricting Committees are being formed within the local Leagues. This page provides links to these groups, other redistricting efforts, and general information. 1.22.2011 Information from the LWV Us's Redistricting Reading List (PDF, KB) has been incorporated into the Resources, below.