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Local Leagues in New Mexico


Standing Committees

Action Committee
League Positions

(Richard Mason and Barbara Calef.)
The Action Committee tracks legislation during legislative sessions and keeps an eye on potential legislation throughout the year. LWVNM may lobby in support of or in opposition to specific pieces of legislation provided that LWVNM has a position at the state-wide or national level that is relevant. The Action Committee coordinates the lobbying activities of several of the other LWVNM committees. To join the Action Committee, please contact Richard or Barbara. LWVNM needs individuals able to track bills via the legislative website and keep others updated on their progress, and those willing to "lobby from their living room". People who are able to attend committee meetings in Santa Fe at short notice are also needed.

To receive regular updates during the legislative session, please join the LWVNM Topics listserv.

Natural Resources Committee
League Position

(Co-chairs: Barbara Calef and Judy Williams)
The Committee follows current developments in the state related to natural resources year-round and advocates on the basis of our position.


Current Studies

Study of the Transfer of Federal Public Lands

LWVNM is conducting a two-year study of the pros and cons of transferring ownership of federal public lands to the state, considering what is the best option for preservation of habitat and conservation of wildlife as well as the state and local economies. The first objective is to educate ourselves about the history and status quo as well as the potential outcome of large transfers. The second is to develop a position for advocacy.

Transfer of Federal Public Lands Study links and documents.

Barbara Calef and Judy Williams, Co-Chairs

Nuclear Waste Storage Study

Spent nuclear fuel from the 99 commercial nuclear reactors in the US is currently being stored in 74 locations in 34 states. There are concerns that it would be more secure and less apt to expose the public if it was consolidated. Two sites are currently being considered for interim storage: Andrews County, TX, which is about 10 mi from Hobbs, NM; and the Eddy Lee Energy Alliance, halfway between Carlsbad and Hobbs. So LWVNM is a natural to hold the study since both proposed sites are in or near our state.

There are so-called "orphan sites," reactors that are no longer operating and thus have fewer safety officers on site. Eddy Lee's proposal predicted they could store all the waste in the entire US, though initially their proposal is only for an interim facility. A $35 billion fund that commercial reactors have been paying into is available to pay for permanent disposal.

The objectives of the study are determination of public safety and continuing environmental protection for the two candidate Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities (CISF) for Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) from domestic commercial nuclear reactors.

The study will review technical data regarding commercial nuclear power, nuclear waste including SNF, and options for SNF storage and disposal.

Nuclear Waste Storage Study links.

Karen Douglas, Chair

Health Care Study

This study will look at issues of cost and access as they affect patients: things like transparency in pricing, cost-shifting and "surprise billing", bankruptcies as a result of health care costs, and the effects that might arise from a repeal of the ACA ("Obamacare").

Health Care Study links and questions.

Akkana Peck, Chair

Completed Studies and Reports

About Our Studies