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Standing Committees: Action CommitteeEducation CommitteeFair Districts for New MexicoHealth Care CommitteeImmigration CommitteeJEDI: JUSTICE, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, INCLUSIONEnvironment Committee
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Standing Committees:

Action Committee

League Government Positions

(Akkana Peck, Richard Mason, Hannah Burling, Barbara Calef and Judy Williams.)

The Action Committee tracks legislation during legislative sessions and keeps an eye on potential legislation throughout the year. LWVNM may lobby in support of or in opposition to specific pieces of legislation provided that LWVNM has a position at the state-wide or national level that is relevant. The Action Committee coordinates the lobbying activities of several of the other LWVNM committees. To join the Action Committee, please contact Richard or Barbara. LWVNM needs individuals able to track bills via the legislative website and keep others updated on their progress, and those willing to "lobby from their living room". People who are able to attend committee meetings in Santa Fe or on Zoom at short notice are also needed.

To receive regular updates, please join the Action mailing list. The Action committee also has regular meetings during the legislative session, open to all members, to discuss bills we're supporting or opposing.

Education Committee

LWVNM Education Position

Co-Chairs: Meredith Machen and Eileen VanWie.

The Education Committee follows developments in federal and state policies year around and advocates based on our position.

Education Committee Documents.

Fair Districts for New Mexico

LWVNM is spearheading Fair Districts for New Mexico, a coalition of many organizations advocating for districting reform in New Mexico.

The LWVNM has an Advocacy Statement on Redistricting.

Health Care Committee

LWVNM Healthcare Positions

(Judy Williams, Dick Mason, Akkana Peck)

The Health Care Committee keeps track of ongoing developments in health care legislation and advocates for or against health care related bills in the legislature based on our positions.

See also the national LWV Health Care Reform (HCR4US) website.

Immigration Committee

LWVNM Immigration Position

Chair: Meredith Machen.

The Immigration Committee follows developments in federal and state policies year around and advocates based on our position.


(Coordinator: Irene Epp;
Membership: Rebecca Álvarez, Katie Christianson, Brittany Dutton-Leyda, Donna Sandoval, Joanna Velasquez)

JEDI is dedicated to ensuring that the LWVNM is always welcoming and actively supports full participating membership from all parts of New Mexico society, especially those not traditionally affiliated with the LWVNM JEDI fosters activist membership in the LWVNM that opens doors to dynamic, nonpartisan participation in civic life - leading to improvements in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all dimensions of policy and law in New Mexico.

Environment Committee

League Natural Resource Positions

(Co-chairs: Barbara Calef and Judy Williams)

The Natural Resources Committee follows current developments in the state related to natural resources year-round and advocates on the basis of our position.

Recent Studies and Activities

Nuclear Issues (2023)

This study, begun in 2023 and led by Karen Douglas, looked at nuclear power, on which the national position is unclear. We were unable to reach consensus on a position to be recommended at the LWVUS Convention in 2024, but we do have a set of Summaries of the LWVNM 2023 Nuclear Issues Study which other Leagues may find useful.

The study focused on efforts to evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of commercial nuclear power as a major contributor to clean energy in the United States and promote reliance on factual information sources when formulating future energy policies. The study reviewed the experiences in nuclear energy production worldwide, and evaluated international successes that could be applied domestically and address barriers to U.S. adoption of these measures. The study was envisioned as being expedited with a goal of encouraging concurrence by other state Leagues and LWVUS.

For more information, see the Nuclear Issues Study page.

Tribal Law (2021-2023)

At the April 2021 State convention, LWVNM proposed a one-year study of the pros and cons of codifying federal Indian law at the state level, considering what is the best option for preservation of tribal sovereignty. The study was adopted at convention with unanimous approval. The first objective of this study is to educate ourselves as a League about the complexities of enforcing federal Indian law as well as the complexities of tribal sovereignty. The second objective is to identify possible legislative solutions for supporting tribal sovereignty and tribes at the state level. The third objective is to develop a position for advocacy. All League members are invited to participate in the study.

The study period was extended in 2022. The study was initially led by Rebecca Álvarez and was completed in 2023 by Judy Williams.

More details: LWVNM Tribal Law study.

Nuclear Waste Storage

Spent nuclear fuel from the 99 commercial nuclear reactors in the US is currently being stored in 74 locations in 34 states. Two sites are currently being considered for interim storage: Andrews County, TX, which is about 10 mi from Hobbs, NM; and the Eddy Lee Energy Alliance, halfway between Carlsbad and Hobbs.

Originally conceived as a study, the Nuclear Waste Storage committee has become an advocacy committee for safety in nuclear waste storage, based the LWVUS national positions.

Nuclear Waste Storage Study links.

Karen Douglas, Chair

History and 100th Anniversary

2020 is the LWV's 100th Anniversary. LWVNM celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a gala at the Capitol in February 2020. We will be celebrating Women's Vote Centennial with a car parade in Santa Fe on Sunday, August 23, 2-3 pm, and virtually with other organizations on August 26, 4-7 pm. For more information, contact the Special Projects committee.


The LWVNM hosted the Broadband page for the LWV Rural Caucus, which successfully advocated for a Digital Equity position at the 2022 LWV National Convention, and we support broadband for all as part of our high-speed internet position.

Older Studies

Some older studies are described in our Program History.

About Our Studies