LWVNM: Legislative Tracking

League of Women Voters Positions on New Mexico Legislation 2017 Session

Bills the LWVNM opposes are italicised.
Some listings are not the bill name but a description of what the bill does.
Bills added since the last update are in bold -- those with ? beside the Description need review.
** indicates LWVNM top priorities, based upon significance and viability.

Using the nmlegis.org website: To see a complete list of all the bills this session, go to the Legislation List and click Go. For schedules, go to What's Happening where you can click on the HTML versions of Senate, House and committee calendars. You can watch committee hearings while they're taking place via Webcast.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017.

Bill Legislation Name/Description Sponsor Date* Status
HB58 Rulemaking Requirements Gentry/T. Salazar LAW
HB73 ** Public Officials as Lobbyists Dines SCAL
HB93 Cabinet Secretaries Sources of Compensation Baldonado HJC
HB119 Prohibition Period for Candidate Contributions McQueen SRC
HB121 ** Web Based Capital Outlay Publication McQueen SRC
HB140 Capital Outlay Audits Ely HTPC
HB141 ** Publication of Capital Outlay Funding Ely HTPC
HB149 Crime of Audit Obstruction Thomson HJC
HB225 ** Live & Archived Public Broadcasts Herrell/Ja. Smith HAFC
HB391 Publication of Sole Source Contracts L. Trujillo HCPA
HR1 Floor Amendments & Subs on Legislative Website Gentry Rule
HJR8 ** State Ethics Commission (CA) (not all sponsors listed) Dines/Steinborn On 18 Ballot
SB 2 Additional Info to State Auditor Rue Veto
SB25 Web-Based Capital Outlay Publication Rue SFC
SB26 Archive Legislative Webcasting Rue SRC
SB27 Governor’s Contingency Fund in Treasury Rue HCAL
SB61 Electronic Communications Privacy Act Wirth/Dines Veto
SB107 State Agency Post-Contract Audit Rue Died
SB168 Lobbyists Reporting Requirements & Fees Steinborn SRC
SB225 Estimated Lobbyists Expense Report Filings Steinborn SRC
SB228 Post-Session Lobbyist Reports Steinborn SRC
SB255 Crime of Audit Obstruction Cervantes SJC
SB472 Additional Sunshine Portal Info Rue SJC
SB341 Session Contributions to Public Officials Lopez SJC
SJR13 Pocket Enactments & Veto Messages – CA Candelaria SJC
SB393 Lobbying Reporting Requirements Ivey-Soto/Smith Veto
HB28 Driver’s License Automatic Voter Registration Roybal Caballero SJC
HB98 Paper Ballot Access for Blind Voters - expanded T. Salazar LAW
HB174** Local Election Act Smith/Ely/Ivey-Soto P Veto
HB206 Unaffiliated Voters in Primary Elections Garcia Richards/Dines HJC
HB290 On-Line Absentee Ballot Requests – now in HB98 Small/Roch In HB98
HB291 Financial Disclosure for Appointees Small/Dow SCAL
HB297 School District Campaign Reporting Dates Smith/Candelaria SRC
HB399 Campaign Public Financing Changes Ruiloba/McQueen HJC
HB466 Disclosure of Education Election Ad Sponsors L. Trujillo HLELC
HJR3** Independent Redistricting Commission O’Neill/Ca. Trujillo HJC
HJR4** Register all Qualified Electors to Vote J. Martinez/Thomson HLELC
HJR9 State Legislators Term Limits & Elections (CA) –Oppose Montoya died
SB42 Elect President by Popular Vote – LWVUS position Stewart HLELC
SB97 Public Financing of Campaign Fixes Wirth P Veto
SB102 Elect President by National Popular Vote – merged with SB42 McSorley In SB42
SB205 Unaffiliated Voters in Primary Elections Sapien SJC
SB224 Register Voters 3 Days Before Elections Steinborn HLELC
SJR7 Elect President by National Popular Vote McSorley SRC
SJR10 Rescind Prior Constitutional Conventions Applications Egolf On 18 ballot
SJR12 Fair Election Constitutional Convention – Oppose Ortiz y Pino HJC
HB124 Teacher Competency for Licensure Advancement Stapleton Veto
HB125 Teacher & Principal Evaluation System Stapleton Veto
HB158 Teacher Evaluation Pilot Project Garcia Richard HEC
HB211 Next Generation Science Standards G. Andres Veto
HB273 Charter School Changes – rewritten – now support Rep. Smith/Ivey-Soto HEC
HB417 Charter Schools Chartered by PED – Oppose Youngblood HEC
HB451 Community Schools & Pre-K Definitions Thomson HEC
HB454 Chartering of Virtual Charter Schools Roch HEC
HJR1** Permanent funds for early childhood education (CA) Maestas/J. Martinez SRC
HJR5 No New School Activity Without Funding (CA) Roch HAFC
SB30 Establish & Study Teacher Cost Index Morales Veto
SB32 K-3 Plus Eligibility Kernan LAW
SB34 Teacher & Principal Evaluation System Morales HEC
SB35** Public Schools Funding Sufficiency Soules SFC
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SB40 State School Grades Council Morales HCAL
SB62 School Rating Grade Point System Stewart HCAL
SB66 School Fund Transportation Distribution Stewart SEC
SB106 Early Childhood Services Department Morales SJC
SB135** Charter Schools in School Districts Munoz LAW
SB288 Taxes & Surtaxes for Early Childhood Soules SCON
SB305 Charter School Equalization Guarantee Sapien L Senate
SB313 Charter School Facilities & Leases Sapien HEC
SB346 Charter School Free & Reduced Meals Stefanics SEC
SB403 Student Literacy & Interventions Kernan SEC
SJR2 Public Education Board & Superintendent (CA) Padilla SRC
SJR3** Permanent Funds for Childhood Education (CA) Padilla SRC
SJR6 Statewide Millage to Fund Public Education (CA) Stewart SRC
SJR11 Elected & Appointed Board of Education (CA) Soules SRC
SJR17 Early Childhood Education Department – CA Padilla SFC
SJR18 Severance Tax Money For Early Childhood – CA Sapien SRC
HB307 Career- Technical Professional Development Stapleton Williams Veto
HB27 Increase the Minimum Wage Roybal Caballero HBIC
HB55 Liquor Tax to fund DWI Grant Fund & Drug Courts Carl Trujillo HTR
HB67 Increase the Minimum Wage M. Garcia HBIC
HB117 Supplemental Income Tax (for high earners) Roybal Caballero HLED
HB152 Tax Expenditure Budget Thomson HTR
HB201 New Top Income Bracket Ely HCAL
HB202 Tax of Business without a Physical Presence – Now main revenue bill Carl. Trujillo Veto
HB282 Increase Cigarette & E-Cigarettes Tax Thomson/ Armstrong HTRC
HB310 Income & Capital Gains Taxes McCamley HTR
HB311 Increase Working Families Tax Credit Rubio HTR
HB324 Additional Tax Brackets Maestas HCPA
HB365 Limit Capital Gains Deductions Chr. Trujillo HTR
HB442 Minimum Wage & Wage Related Behavior Rodella/Egolf Veto
HB504 Income Tax Changes Maestas HLED
SB36 Raise the Minimum Wage Soules SCAL
SB50 Additional Upper Income Tax Brackets O’Neill SCOR
SB123 Tax Reform (Oppose) Sharer SFC
SB199 ** Delay Certain Tax Changes (delay reductions in corporate taxes) J.A. Smith In HB202
SB231 Increase Cigarette Tax – Money to General Fund Morales Died
SB264** Taxation of Internet Sales Ja. White/ Ca. Trujillo In HB202
SB321 Raise Minimum Wage Campos SCOR
SB343 Changes to Tax Code Provisions Oppose Griggs SCOR
SB344 Income Tax Rates & Pre-K Funding Tallman SFC
SB386 Raise Minimum Wage & Allow Training Wage Sanchez Veto
HB24 State Trust Lands Restoration Funds Ezzell LAW
HB61 Extend Solar Market Tax Credit Maestas Barnes SCOR
HB64 Waste Water System Financing Crowder Law
HB82 Extend Solar Market Tax Credit McQueen HLED
HB193 Solar Market Tax Credit Permanent Ely HBIC
HB199 Distributed Generation Consumer Protection – Oppose Rodella LAW
HB338 Community Solar Gardens Roybal-Caballero HJC
HB440 Renewable Energy Tax Credits Dodge/Crowder HEENR
HJM5 Chaco Area Fracking Lease Moratorium - Lente HEENR
HM70 Protection of Chaco Canyon Landscape Lente Signed
SB41 Extend Solar Market Tax Credit Stewart SCOR
SB86 Water Rights Posted Online Cisneros HSIV
SB210 Distributed Generation Consumer Protection – Oppose – same as HB199 Sanchez P Veto
SB215 Energy & Water Project Financing Wirth SCOR
SB226 Efficient Utility Water Use Steinborn HEENR
SB227 State Facility Renewable energy use Steinborn Veto
SB248 Utilities Accept of Gov’t Renewables Stefanics SCOR
SB307 Oil & Gas Act Powers & Penalties R. Martinez SJC
SB312 Renewable Energy Requirements for Utilities Stewart/Small SCOR
SB342 Community Solar Gardens Act Lopez SCOR
SB373 Renewable Energy Portfolio Reporting to PRC – Oppose Padilla/dow SCOR
SB432 Renewable Energy Tax Credits Sanchez SCOR
SM43 Study Recycling or Reuse of Waste Materials Stefanics SCAL
HB37 Born Alive Infant Protection – Oppose Montoya HCPA
HB101 Health Security Act Gonzales HAFC
HB103 Hospital Indigent Care Reports Rehm HCPA
HB179 Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act (not all sponsors listed) Chasey/Armstrong Veto
HB220 Partial & Late Term Abortion – Oppose Herrell HCPA
HB221 Parental Notification – Oppose Little HCPA
HB284 Health Coverage for Contraception (not all sponsors listed) D. Armstrong SJC
HB313 Surprise Billing Protection Act D. Armstrong HJC
HB384 Medicaid Carrier Assessment Exemption – Oppose Townsend died
HB402 Anir Ambulance Reimbursement Act Thomson HHHS
HB464 Report Use of Fetal Tissue Da. Gallegos HHHS
HB473 Decriminalize Abortion Ferrary/Egolf HJC
HJM7 Impact of ACA Repeal Task Force Thomson HCAL
SB68 Medical Board Reporting Rue Dead
SB183 Partial & Late Term Abortion- Oppose Sharer/ Da. Gallegos SPAC
SB217 Medicaid Access, Disputes & Fraud Papen P Veto
SB282 Hospital Patient Protections – reproductive services Ortiz y Pino SJC
SB347 Prescription Drug Minimum Coverage – contraceptive coverage Candelaria SCOR
SB433 Hospital Tax for Medicaid Trust Fund Cisneros SFC
SB448 Health Care Tax Exemptions & Medicaid Fund Ortiz y Pino SCOR
SB471 State Agency Medication Price Transparency Stefanics SJC
SJM28 Medical Board Reporting Task Force – replaces SB68 Rue HHHS
SM129 Study Impact of ACA Repeal Stefanics SRC
HB72 Reinstate the Death Penalty – Oppose Youngblood HCPA
HB81 General Fund Support for Judiciary Gentry HAFC
HB306 Interventions for Some Nonviolent Offenders Stapleton Veto
SB49 Create Judge Pro Tem Fund R. Martinez P Veto
SB65 Court Language Access Fund Stewart LAW
SB263 Sentencing Law Impact Report & Funds – passed SFC – needs funds Cervantes HCAL
SB304 Magistrate Courts Operations Funds & Fees – passes SFC – needs funds Martinez P Veto
HB50 Background Check on Gun Transfers – moved from HCAL back to HJC Garcia Richards HJC
SB48 Background Check on Gun Transfers Wirth/ R.Martinez SJC
SB109 Workforce Solutions Gender-Neutral Language Cervantes HCAL
SB259 No Firearms for order of Protection Subjects Cervantes Veto
SB270 No Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws Lopez SCAL
SB337 Firearms in State Capitol Ivey-Soto L House
SB410 Firearms Near Polling Places Stewart SRC
SJR5 Concealed Firearms without a Permit – Oppose Neville SRC
SM51 Study Statutory Gun Violence Protections Soules SCAL

* Date of Committee meeting or floor vote; CA - Constitutional amendment; (a) amended; CS = committee substitute;

HAFC - House Appropriations & Finance; HAWC - House Agriculture, Water & Wildlife; HAWR - Agriculture, Water Resources; HBEC - House Business & Employment; HBIC - House Business & Industry; HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); HCPA - Consumer & Public Affairs; HEC - House Education Committee; HEENR - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources; HGEI - House Gov't, Elections & Indian Affairs; HHC - House Health; HHHS - House Health and Human Services; HJC - House Judiciary; HLED - House Labor & Economic Development; HLEL - House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs; HLELC - House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs; HR - House Rules; HRC - House Rules & Order of Business Committee; HRPA - House Regulatory & Public Affairs; HSCA - House Safety & Civil Affairs; HSIV - House State Gov't, Indian & Veteran Affairs; HTPC - House Transportation, Public Works & Capital Improvements; HTPW - House Transportation & Public Works; HTR - House Tax & Revenue; HWMC - House Ways & Means; SAIC - Senate Indian and Cultural Affairs; SCAL - Senate Calendar (for vote); SCC - Senate Committee on Committees; SCON - Senate Conservation; SCOR - Senate Corporations & Transportation; SEC - Senate Education Committee; SFC - Senate Finance Committee; SJC - Senate Judiciary Committee; SPAC - Senate Public Affairs; SRC - Senate Rules Committee;
SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; H - con - , House Concurrence; L - House - Lost in House; Gov - On Gov. desk; P - House - Passed House; P-veto - Pocket veto; P - Senate - Passed Senate; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature; HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); Law - Signed by the Governor; L - Senate - Lost in Senate;