LWVNM: Legislative Tracking

League of Women Voters Positions on New Mexico Legislation 2022 Session

(MS Word version: LWVtrack2022.doc.)

Some listings are not the bill name but a description of what the bill does.
The bills on this sheet are labeled A (top priority) B (secondary priority) There will be a separate C category that will be listed separately, but not tracked.

Using the nmlegis.org website: To see a complete list of all the bills this session, go to the Legislation List and click Go. For schedules, go to What's Happening where you can click on the HTML versions of Senate, House and committee calendars.

Last updated: Jan 26, 2022.

Bill Legislation Name/Description Sponsor Date* Status
Top Priority Legislation – A
HJR9 Independent Redistricting Commission CA Figueroa/Ely HGEIC
SM Study County Redistricting McKenna SRC
Comprehensive Voting & Elections bill
Elections Fix bill
HJR5 Open Primaries CA Dixon HGEIC
SJR1 Open Primaries CA Tallman SRC
SJR4 Open Primaries CA -what is the differences? Tallman SRC
HB6 Clean Future Act Small HENRC
Secondary Priority – B – Topic order doesn’t imply priority
Budget &Taxes
SB5 Reduction in GRT – Oppose Gonzales STBTC
HB33 Cigarette & Tobacco Products Tax Ferrary HHHC
HB48 Eliminate PIT tax on Social Security – Oppose Brown 1/25 HLVMC
HB49 Eliminate PIT tax on Social Security – Oppose G. Armstrong 1/25 HCPAC
HB76 Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption - Oppose Anderson 1/25 HLVMC
\SB49 Eliminate PIT tax on Social Security – Oppose Tallman STBTC
SB85 Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption - Oppose Pope STBTC
HB73 Educational Retirees Returning to Work Garrett HEC
Natural Resources
HB4 Hydrogen Hub Development Act - Oppose Lundstrom HENRC
HB11 Energy Storage Tax Credit Sariñana HTRC
HB14 Bonds & GRT deduction for electric storage Chandler HTRC
HB34 Solar Market Tax Credit Extension Ferrary 1/25 HENRC
HB35 Geo-Thermal Heat Pump Credit Ferrary HTRC
HB36 Natural History Conservation Act Ortez HXRC
HB37 Community Energy Grant Ortez 1/25 HCPAC
HB101 NM Reforestation Act Center Sariñana 1/25 HENRC
SB21 Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit Tallman 1/25 STBTC
SB14 Clean Fuel Standard Act Stewart STBTC
SB11 NM Reforestation Center Woods SCON
SB72 Dryland Resilience Center Soules SCON
SB89 Uranium Mine Clean Up – germane? Steinborn SXCC
SJM2 Biodiversity Memorial Stewart SRC
Ethics & Transparency
HJR10 Public Officers Salary Commission - CA Rubio HCEDC
SJR7 Salaries for Public Officials CA Ivey-Soto SJC
HM26 Study Legislative Sessions & Salaries Rubio/Garrett HGEIC
Secondary Priority
Criminal Justice
HB5 Pretrial Release Options – can we take a position? Matthews HGEIC
HB9 Unlawful Access to a gun by a Minor Herndon HCPAC
HB78 Cap on Certain Interest Rates – may be a compromise Roybal.Caballero HR
SB34 Threat of Shooting Brandt SJC
Health Care
HB97 Rural Health Care Project Loans Matthews HHHC
HB95 Health Easy Enrollment Act Thomson HHHC
HB 63 Permanent Health Care Committee M. Garcia HR
HM3 Paid Family & Medical Leave Act Task Force Serrato HLVMC
SM1 Paid Family & Medical Leave Act Task Force Stewart SRC
Other Topics
SB42 Utility Easements for Broadband Act Padilla STBTC
SB7 State Employee & Contractor minimum wage Sedillo LLopez SHPAC

* Date of Committee meeting or floor vote; CA - Constitutional amendment; (a) amended; CS = committee substitute;

HCEDC - House Commerce & Economic Development; HCPAC - Consumer & Public Affairs; HEC - House Education Committee; HENRC - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources; HGEIC - House Gov't, Elections & Indian Affairs; HHHC - House Health & Human Services; HLVMC - Labor, Veterans & military affairs; HR - House Rules; HTRC - House Taxation & Revenue; HXRC - House Rules & Order Of Business; SCON - Senate Conservation; SHPAC - Senate Health & Public Affairs; SJC - Senate Judiciary Committee; SRC - Senate Rules Committee; STBTC - Senate Tax, Business & Transportation; SXCC - Senate Committees' Committee;
HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); P - House - Passed House; L - House - Lost in House; H - con - , House Concurrence; SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; P - Senate - Passed Senate; L - Senate - Lost in Senate; Gov - On Gov. desk; Law - Signed by the Governor; P-veto - Pocket veto; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature;