Testifying at the Legislature

Testifying at the Legislature on Behalf of the LWVNM

Legislative committees value the views of LWVNM because they know we are a respected non-partisan organization that develops positions only after careful study and consensus that they are in the public interest.

If you would like to lobby on behalf of the League of Women Voters of New Mexico, please contact leaders (at) lwvnm (dot) org to send an email with your phone number and local League’s name. Let us know your expertise and your issue areas, so we can collaborate effectively. To ensure that legislators receive concise information on advocacy issues, League leaders prepare fact sheets on our positions and the bills we support and oppose. These are posted on the Action page of our website. We have to speak with one voice, so we coordinate who will speak when and share our testimonies.

If you are asked and authorized to speak for the League at legislative hearings during the public input period, we recommend that you read Tips for Testifying Effectively.

If you wish to present the appropriate fact sheet as a handout for committee members, be sure to make a few extra copies for staff liaisons. Before the hearing starts, give those copies to the Legislative staff member and ask that they be handed out to committee members when you speak or when it is convenient.

If you want to increase the odds that the committee will look at the fact sheet before the hearing, you can provide copies to the office of chair of that committee a few days before the meeting so that it may be reviewed, approved, and included in the meeting packet.

Using the prepared remarks on the fact sheet, avoid repeating points made by previous speakers by summarizing points of agreement. Address the chair before you begin your remarks. When responding to questions from a committee member, be sure to address the chair first and then the committee member.

After answering questions, thank the chair and the committee for considering the views of LWVNM and for providing the best policies for the citizens of New Mexico.

For more information, contact action (at) lwvnm (dot) org or president (at) lwvnm (dot) org. Thank you.