General Board Responsibilities

League of Women Voters of New Mexico


Adopted May 21, 2017

A. Responsibility

Total Board responsibility means that every board member is involved in:

  1. Setting priorities and goals.
  2. Membership development, fund raising, and public relations.

3. Members are responsible for having all documents to be discussed at the board meeting.

B. Attendance

Board members are responsible for notifying the president in advance if he/she cannot attend a meeting.

C. Portfolio Responsibilities

Each portfolio chair is responsible for providing necessary information and support for the job he/she does. In addition, each portfolio chair is responsible for:

  1. The program or function which comes under that title—keeping abreast of developments, taking actions, making decisions and/or recommendations for League action.
  2. Integrating and coordinating the portfolio with other activities of the LWVNM and local Leagues to achieve maximum effectiveness, visibility, and service to local Leagues.
  3. Reporting on the portfolio (written if possible) at each state Board meeting and providing the secretary with summary material (for inclusion in State Board Reports – regular and annual).
  4. Maintaining communications between the portfolio chair and counterparts in local Leagues, i.e., providing service and fielding inquiries.

D. Succession Responsibilities

Board members are responsible for passing on their portfolios to their successors in complete and updated form. Six months before State Convention Board members should review their portfolios. Board members who keep files are responsible for integrating these with office files at the end of their term.

E. Review of Board Policies and Procedures (1999)

Board Policies and Procedures shall be reviewed after the LWVNM convention and given to all board members.