Concurrence Policy

League of Women Voters of New Mexico


(adopted 7/19/14, revised 11/21/20)

Concurrence is the act of agreeing with or concurring with a statement or position. It can work in several ways. Groups of League members or League boards can concur with (1) recommendations of a study committee, local League or the state board; (2) decision statements formulated by League boards; or (3) positions reached by another League or Leagues.

Basic Concurrence Process based on Article XI Sections 2 and 3 of the LWVNM Bylaws:

1. Any League board, LWVNM study committee, or voting member planning to propose the adoption, elimination, or amendment of a state League position by concurrence of the convention shall give notice to the state board of the intention to do so at least ten weeks before the convention.

2. Background information on the issue, including the timing, need, and importance of the issue and rationale for using this method, must be submitted to the state board with the proposal. Copies of the material may be sent to local Leagues and members-at-large (MAL) units for their information. It is highly recommended that the proposed concurrence be presented to the state board earlier and subsequently discussed with all local Leagues as is done in consensus meetings. This will help determine member understanding and agreement, which will help the Board to decide whether to approve the motion.

3. The state board will consider the proposal and include or exclude it from the proposed program, which will be sent to the presidents of local Leagues and to the chairs of MAL units at least 30 days before the Convention.

4. A majority vote of those present and voting at the convention is required to amend, eliminate or adopt a state League position recommended by the state board for concurrence by the Convention.

5. A properly submitted concurrence proposal NOT recommended by the state board may be considered if a majority of the convention delegates vote to do so. For adoption, the delegates must approve the concurrence by a two-thirds vote at a subsequent session of the Convention. (This allows time for the delegates to consider the proposal.)

6. If the LWVNM board determines that emergency concurrence action is necessary, the board will seek the agreement, disagreement, technical edits and comments from local Leagues and MAL units regarding the proposal of the board. Following receipt of aforementioned feedback, at its next meeting the state board will determine whether concurrence has been reached and approve the wording of the new or revised support position. Pursuant to Article XI Section 3c, the position is thereby adopted as a LWVNM position upon which it may take action. If adopted by the board, the new/revised position must be announced to the membership and may be amended by the delegates at convention.