Electronic Board Meetings

League of Women Voters of New Mexico

Electronic Board Meetings(Adopted 1/18/20)

  1. The chair (usually the president) will develop an agenda and time frame for the electronic board meeting [e-meeting] and announce it to board members at least 30 days in advance. The time frame will include the starting date, the anticipated ending date, and a date and time for a video or telephone conference call. The board members will respond, stating whether they will be available for the video/telephone call. If necessary, the schedule will be changed. A quorum of the board must participate. The chair will send out the conference call details including phone numbers and conference code. Board members with video capabilities should have microphones ready. Others may attend by telephone only.
  2. The chair will send an initial Meeting Announcement message to the board not less than 5 days prior to the starting date of the meeting. This message must include a link to the packet, which will be posted on the LWVNM website. The packet must include the minutes, the president’s and treasurer’s reports, any committee reports, and the local League reports. The agenda items requiring discussion and a possible vote will be numbered. All agenda items requiring discussion and/or a vote must be posted at this time. Explanatory material must accompany each item.
  3. The chair will call the e-meeting to order on the starting date by sending a Call to Order message to the board. This message will address the introductory business of the meeting, including approval of the agenda, approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting, and acceptance of the treasurer’s report.
  4. Participants will be deemed “present” when they respond to the Call to Order and will be assumed “present” thereafter until the meeting adjourns. Each participant should reply to all and should include a response to the minutes, agenda, and treasurer’s report (e.g., I approve, I have read). If anyone has a question or wants to propose a change, it should be included in the response.
  5. Two days will be allowed for modifications to the agenda, corrections to the minutes, and questions concerning the treasurer’s report and any other reports included in the Call to Order. On day three of the meeting, the chair will post any revisions to the agenda, if necessary and the webmaster will post the updated agenda on the website.
  6. The video or telephone conference call will take place on day four of the meeting. It will proceed in accord with Robert’s Rules of Order under the direction of the chair. The chair must recognize each speaker; it is very important that only one person speak at a time.
  7. Minutes of the meeting will be prepared by the secretary. In the minutes, discussion will be summarized and motions and votes listed under the corresponding agenda items, regardless of the order in which discussion, motions, and votes actually occurred.