How the League of Women Voters Takes Action

How the League of Women Voters Takes Action

The League of Women Voters of New Mexico is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government in order to build better communities statewide. The state League's purposes are to influence public policy through education and advocacy and to provide support for League members and the League organization.

Action is always based on the national, state, and local positions and on League principles. Positions are developed based on member study and consensus. We have many positions and many opportunities to act, so the League of Women Voters of New Mexico Board determines when it is appropriate to take action on state legislation and statewide ballot measures. Our advocacy efforts include writing letters to media, legislators, press releases; hosting issues forums and other events, speaking at hearings and public meetings, adding our voice to coalitions working on ballot measure campaigns, and sending Action Alerts to our members.

League Priorities

The LWVNM Board sets Action priorities for each legislative session and throughout the year as needed. The core issues of the League include ethics and transparency in government, public finances, health, education, natural resources, civil rights, redistricting, elections and referendums, voting rights, campaign finance reform, gun safety, and reproductive choices.

Requests for Action

Recommendations and requests for action on issues, such as supporting or opposing bills before the legislature and potential ballot measures, come from a variety of sources. Local Leagues or individual League members can request that the LWVNM Action Committee look at a potential piece of legislation to support or oppose on the basis of our positions, or we may be asked by the author of a bill for the League’s endorsement. Other groups working in a particular area can ask that the League join them in endorsing a bill or ballot measure. The whole LWVNM Board votes on whether to join coalitions, and all agreements contain the caveat that we only work on issues that covered by and in line with our position statements.


Requests are first sent to the President ( and Action Chair for analysis. The LWVNM Board and Program Chairs are often asked to consider these requests based on League positions and previous League action in a particular area. The Action Committee analyzes bills and ballot measures and recommends League action. Committee members watch legislation in their area of expertise and draft fact sheets, letters, and testimony in their issue areas of expertise. Program Chairs may add their comments and recommendations, including information about previous League action on similar measures.

Analysis and Decision-Making

The Action Committee sets priorities and takes action for LWVNM on legislation and on issues on which we have positions. Whenever action is taken, that is reported to the Board and those who members who sign up for the LWV Action email distribution list, which is done through

Some of the factors we consider in determining which, if any, actions we will take include

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