Nonpartisan Policy

League of Women Voters of New Mexico


(Revised 2017, 2019)

The League of Women Voters of New Mexico takes positions on issues but does not support candidates or political parties.

The Board is committed to preserving the policy and reputation of the League of Women Voters as a nonpartisan, multi-issue organization.

The League experience uniquely equips members for public life. Members are encouraged to utilize their knowledge and abilities, and to participate fully in political activities on an individual basis.

A. Nonpartisanship for President and Voter Guide Editor

The president and the voter guide editor/ voter services director shall not serve as officials in a political party and shall not run for or serve as partisan elected officials at any level of government. The president and voter guide editor/ voter services director shall also refrain from any activity which supports or gives the appearance of supporting a candidate for partisan office or a political party.

B. Partisan Political Activity by Board Members

Before any other members of the Board engage in any partisan political activity, they will discuss with the president whether that activity will compromise the nonpartisan reputation of the LWVNM. If necessary, the activity at issue may be referred to the Board for resolution.

C. Appointments

Before a Board member accepts appointment to a government committee, commission, or board, implications of the appointment will be discussed with the president.

D. Avoidance of Partisan Activity by Board Members

If the president and/or the Board determine that a position or activity under items B or C would compromise or be perceived to compromise the League's nonpartisan position, the board member will either forgo the position or activity or will resign from the League Board.

A member may serve on any public board, commission, committee, or coalition. However, that member does not represent the League unless officially designated as a League representative by the League president. A League member, when speaking on behalf of the League, may not speak against any League position.

The political activities of a spouse or relative of a member are to be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the member.