Why Does the League Study Issues?

We examine reliable and respected research on issues where government policies can make a difference so LWV members can reach informed decisions and develop advocacy positions.

How Do We Choose Which Issues to Study?

Issues for our in-depth studies must fall within League principles and be useful for advocacy.

For statewide studies, any League member may submit a proposal to the LWVNM Board.


What Does the LWVNM Board Do?

Considers state study proposals in advance of Convention.

Recommends one or more studies at Convention.

Presents all study proposals (recommended or not) to Convention delegates

Convention delegates vote on which studies to approve. Study Committee Chairs recruit members to participate.

How Do Studies Get Done?

The Study Committee:

Researches and conducts interviews

Analyzes information

Clarifies issues

Identifies problems

Writes interim study reports for members to read and discuss.

Develops consensus questions for LWVNM Board approval.

Presents approved consensus questions to members of each local League for consideration.

Drafts a position based on results of agreements reached in consensus meetings.

Writes comprehensive final study report that is published for member and public use.

What Happens with Positions That Result from Studies?

The League of Women Voters studies issues in order to advocate for good public policies.

The LWVNM Board use positions for Legislative advocacy and the local Leagues use them for local advocacy.

Much more information on studies and positions is available at www.lwvnm.org.