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Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham


Does Congress have a responsibility to address the impact of economic insecurity/poverty and racial/ethnic inequities? If so, what action would you support? Please explain.

Congress has an obligation to address economic insecurity and racial injustice.  I strongly support our nation’s anti-poverty programs and investing in our education system to ensure that every American regardless of their economic background or race has the opportunity and the resources they need to succeed.

What changes, if any, would you support in US immigration policy? Please address treatment of undocumented immigrants.

We need to fix our broken immigration system and I support immigration policies that require businesses to verify employees’ eligibility, update our visa programs to match workforce demands, enhance border security, help keep families together and provide undocumented immigrants with an earned pathway to citizenship.

What actions, if any, should Congress take to address the influence of money in politics?

The Citizens United decision has drastically increased the amount of money that corporations, interest groups, and wealthy individuals can spend in our political system.  Congress should not only overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision, but to empower Congress to regulate political fundraising, increase transparency, limit the influence of corporations and big money groups, and empower small donors and increase civic engagement.

What would you do to ensure that every eligible American’s right to vote is protected?

I was deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down part of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Congress should immediately pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would reaffirm the power of federal courts to stop discriminatory voting practices, create new nationwide voting transparency requirements, and continue federal oversight to protect against racial discrimination in voting.  

What would you do to improve health insurance coverage in the U.S.?

The Affordable Care Act was a good start and has provided more than 20 million Americans with health insurance. We need to build off this success by broadening the Medicaid expansion; increasing transparency and competition in the insurance market; and working to lower costs so that all families are able to choose a plan that fits in their budget.

Richard Gregory Priem


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