LWVNM History

Here’s to the 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial!

Here are some of the celebrations we had:

100 Years of Women Voting: a Virtual Gala

Video link: 100 Years of Women Voting on YouTube.

If the pandemic hadn't interrupted the centennial celebration, we might have had someone re-enact Inez Milholland as Lady Liberty/Joan of Arc/Olympia on her white horse leading the 1913 suffrage parade calling President Woodrow Wilson to support votes for women, but we didn't.

Our virtual gala in NM the week of August 23, 2020 continued the clarion call for justice, inclusion, and equal treatment under the law.

Here are the times to see a few of special moments of the three and a half hour extravaganza. There are so many others!!

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100th Celebration

February 6, 2020:

The 100th Anniversary celebration at the Roundhouse was packed, with speeches by the Governor and Secretary of State, proclamations by the House and Senate, cake and lemonade. A good time was had by all.

Many local Leagues still have celebrations planned for later in the year; check your local League's website.

Suffrage Timeline for New Mexico

Meredith has compiled a Suffrage Timeline for New Mexico.