LWVNM Nuclear Waste Storage Committee

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The consensus meeting was held Feb 2, 2021, online.

Documents Relating to the Proposed LWVNM Position for Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Safety

The proposed position will be discussed at the Board Meeting on March 2021, and will be distributed before the meeting.

Specific References for SNF Storage Safety

SNF Storage Safety General References - Member Education

Older links:

2020 LWVLA Lunch with a Leader Presentation

2017 Study: Reference Documents – Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage, Transport, and Disposal

  1. Background Data & Fact Sheets
    1. Nuclear Fuel Basics
    2. LWVNM Natural Resources Study 2017-18: Nuclear Waste Storage Issues
    3. NRC Agreement States Brochures
    4. US Nuclear Reactor Locations 2017 NRC
    5. Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel: NRC Fact Sheet
    6. Safety of Spent Fuel Transportation – NRC Brochure
  2. Current US Spent Nuclear Fuel Status & Plans
    1. US Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations – June 2017
    2. Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities – NM/Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance & TX/Waste Control Specialists
    3. LWVNM November 2017 Presentation – Nuclear Waste Storage – Now and Current Developments
    4. Licensing Yucca Mountain - NRC
  3. Additional Brochures & Fact Sheets available from Nuclear Utilities website – Nuclear Energy Institute.