LWVNM: Legislative Tracking

League of Women Voters Positions on New Mexico Legislation 2023 Session

(MS Word version: LWVtrack2023.docx. Machine readable JSON data: LWVtrack2023.json.)

Some listings are not the bill name but a description of what the bill does.
The bills on this sheet are labeled A (top priority) B (secondary priority) There will be a separate C category that will be listed separately, but not tracked.

Using the nmlegis.org website: To see a complete list of all the bills this session, go to the Legislation List and click Go. For schedules, go to What's Happening where you can click on the HTML versions of Senate, House and committee calendars.

Last updated: Feb 02, 2023.

Bill Legislation Name/Description Sponsor Date Status
Voting & Elections
HJR1 Independent Redistricting Commission CA – we are funded Figueroa   HJC
HB4 Voting Rights Protections J. Martinez 2/3 HGEIC
SB180 Elections Changes – fix bill Duhigg   SJC
SB43 Intimidation of Election Workers Duhigg   SJC SFC
HB54 Open Primaries no party change Figueroa   HJC
SB73 Open Primaries no party change O”Neill   SRC
Reproductive Justice - priority
HB7 Reproductive & Gendering-Affirming Health Care Serrato 2/3 HHHC
Budget &Taxes – priority (1)
HB144 Increase Certain Child Income Tax Credit Chandler   HTRC
HB119 Income Tax Brackets Changes Chandler   HTRC
HB120 Limit the Capital Gains Tax Deduction Chandler   HTRC
SB189 Increase the Corporate Income Tax – enact minimum tax Wirth/Chandler   STBTC
SB147 Tax Changes – includes the Tax Expenditure Budget Shendo   STBTC
SB164 Future Oil & Gas Lease Royalty Rates Tallman   SCON
Legislative modernization & Ethics – Priority
HJR2 Length of Legislative Sessions CA Figueroa 2/6 HGEIC
HJR8 Legislative Salaries CA Rubio 2/6 HGEIC
HB103 Campaign Reporting Act Changes McQueen   HJC
SB42 Campaign Reporting Act Changes Wirth/Duhigg 2/1 SRC
SB91 Public Official Conduct Changes Lopez   SRC
SB 34 Ban former legislators as lobbyists for 2 years -do we delete Pope   Sjc
SB125 Disclosure Act & Financial Disclosure Tallman   SRC
SB153 Publication of Supplemental Appropriations Rodriguez   SRC
Health Care
HB27 Breast Exam Health Coverage Chandler   HJC
HB47 Rural Health Care Project Revolving Fund – similar SB7 Matthews   HHHC
HB51 Prescription Drug Affordability Act Herndon 2/3 HHHC
HB53 Delivery of Necessary Diabetic Resources Thomson   HHHC
SB232 Health Insurer Provider Info & Reimbursements Pirtle   SHPAC
Criminal Justice including gun safety
HB9 Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Minor Herndon   HJC
HB72 Possession of Semiautomatic Firearm Converter Roybal Caballero   HJC
SB116 Minimum Age to 21 on Automatic/Semi-Automatic Firearms Hamblen   SHPAC
SB123 Rollback on bail reform – opposed Lopez/Dixon   SHPAC
HJR9 Denial of Bail – CA – opposed Reeb Rehm   HGEIC
HB82 Student Loan Bill of Rights Act Chandler 2/1 HEC
HB126 Changing Graduation Requirements for some - oppposed A.G. Romero   HEC
HB130 K-12 Plus Program Garrett 2/3 HJC
SB4 Healthy Universal School meals Padilla   SEC
SJR1 State Board of Education CA Neville 2/1 SRC
HB32 Energy Storage System Income Tax Credit Sariñana   HTRC
HB45 Natural Heritage Conservation Act Amendments McQueen 1/31 HRDLC
HB67 Energy Facilities Bonds and Gross Receipts Chandler   HTRC
HB91 Natural Resource Trustee Changes Ferrary   HENRC
HB95 Renewable Energy Office in SLO Lujan   HENRC
HB96 Combined Cycle Natural Gas as Renewable - opposed Townsend   Tabled
HB121 Water Right Lease Effective Date Chandler   HENRC
SB1 Regional Water System Resiliency Act Wirth   SJC
SB8 Geothermal Resource Development Ortiz y Pino   SFC
SB22 Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit Tallman 1/31 STBTC
SB30 State Purchase of Electric Vehicles Soules 1/31 STBTC
SB45 Geothermal Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Credit Soules   STBTC
SB56 Eliminating Cap on Distributed Energy Soules   STBTC
SB57 Water Trust Fund Wirth   SFC
SB59 Study NM High Speed Railroad Soules   STBTC
SB60 Photovoltaic Systems in New Public Schools Soules   SEC
SB72 Create Wildlife Corridors Fund Stewart   SCON
SB74 Energy Generation Facility Requirements Soules   STBTC
SB77 New Home Build Renewable Requirements Soules   SCON
SB78 Center for Dryland Resilience Soules   SEC
SB127 High Speed Border to Border Railroad Soules   STBTC
SB161 Restrict Certain Pesticides Stewart   SCON
Other Topics
SB11 Paid Family & Medical Leave Stewart   STBTC
HB25 Increase in minimum wage and indexing Chandler   HLVMC
HB134 Menstrual products in high schools Trujillo   HEC
SB83 Telecom Act Cramming Definition Tallman   STBTC
SB155 Use of Telecomm Fund for Broadband Padillm   SIRC
SM8 Admit Washington DC as a State McKenna   SR

Committees: HEC - House Education Committee; HENRC - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources; HGEIC - House Gov't, Elections & Indian Affairs; HHHC - House Health & Human Services; HJC - House Judiciary; HLVMC - Labor, Veterans & military affairs; HRDLC - House Rural Development, Land Grants And Cultural Affairs; HTRC - House Taxation & Revenue; SCON - Senate Conservation; SEC - Senate Education Committee; SFC - Senate Finance Committee; SHPAC - Senate Health & Public Affairs; SIRC - Senate Indian, Rural and Cultural Affairs; SJC - Senate Judiciary Committee; SRC - Senate Rules Committee; STBTC - Senate Tax, Business & Transportation;

Statuses: HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); P - House - Passed House; L - House - Lost in House; H - con - , House Concurrence; SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; P - Senate - Passed Senate; L - Senate - Lost in Senate; Gov - On Gov. desk; Law - Signed by the Governor; P-veto - Pocket veto; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature HCAL - House Calendar (for a vote); P - House - Passed House; L - House - Lost in House; H - con - , House Concurrence; SCAL - Senate Calendar for a vote; P - Senate - Passed Senate; L - Senate - Lost in Senate; Gov - On Gov. desk; Law - Signed by the Governor; P-veto - Pocket veto; signed - Memorials do not require the Governor's signature;