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Local Leagues in New Mexico


League of Women Voters

League Mailing Lists

These mailing lists (aka Yahoo "groups") are intended for use by League members only. The lists are friendly, non-partisan fora where members share information about League business, action alerts, voter education, upcoming events, and other things of interest to the League's mission.

Subscribing and unsubscribing to a mailing list is as simple as sending e-mail. You can use the links below. Send the email generated by the link (the contents of the subject line and message will be ignored). You will receive an automated e-mail from Yahoo Groups asking you to confirm your subscription/un-subscription. Simply click on your e-mail software's "Reply", then "Send". Do not change the subject line; ignore the contents of the message.

When you subscribe to a list, a little later you will receive a message from Yahoo Groups that has information about posting messages, unsubscribing, etc. SAVE IT for future reference! Contact the Moderator if you need additional assistance in joining any of these lists.

If your browser isn't set up to handle the email links above, you can subscribe by sending a blank email to LWVNMAction-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com or LWVNMTopics-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com (edit the email address to fix the at and the dot). Unsubscribe the same way, using "unsubscribe" in the address instead of "subscribe".

List Rules: Please review the mailing list rules periodically. The Moderator is empowered to warn or ban anyone who violates these rules.