Nuclear Issues Study (2023)

This study, begun in 2023, concerns nuclear power.

The study will focus on efforts to evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of commercial nuclear power as a major contributor to clean energy in the United States and promote reliance on factual information sources when formulating future energy policies. The study will review the experiences in nuclear energy production worldwide. It will evaluate international successes that could be applied domestically and address barriers to U.S. adoption of these measures. The study is envisioned as being expedited with a goal of encouraging concurrence by other state Leagues and LWVUS.

The study scope will include these tasks:

Background and Motivation:

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania presented a proposed Nuclear Issues Resolution during the 2022 LWVUS Convention to consider nuclear energy among climate change initiatives. This proposal referred to nuclear power as a “clean” energy source. The proposal was denied by the Resolution Committee, which said that a study would be needed. Because of bylaws issues with Pennsylvania and other states, LWVNM is the logical choice to pursue this study. Unlike other Leagues, the LWVNM Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Safety Committee includes one chemical engineer, three nuclear engineers, two nuclear physicists, professional geologists and hydrologists, and an astronomy professor emeritus. The goal is to expedite this study so we may have a new position brought to the LWVUS Convention in 2024 for concurrence.

17 other states, some of which have several nuclear reactors, will submit references for us and be party to review the study committee report. They will also be invited to concur with any forthcoming position. To expedite this study, the plan is to have one statewide consensus meeting.


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